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A short introduction to swimming pool clarifiers

There’s a lot of room for confusion when it comes to swimming pool clarifiers – particularly if you haven’t used them before – so here at Pool Warehouse, we thought we’d put together a quick refresher covering the most important points. First of all… what is swimming pool clarifier? As their name suggests, swimming pool […]

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How a solar cover can make maintaining your pool easier

Generally, solar pool covers are used to keep swimming pool water pleasantly warm. However, one of these covers bought from Pool Warehouse can also ease the routine maintenance of your pool in ways you may have never previously considered. Here are some examples. Restrain energy costs Using an electric or gas heater to warm your […]

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What temperature should your swimming pool water be?

In common with many owners of swimming pools, you may feel content with simply heating your pool water to 28 °C and leaving it at that. However, depending on what exactly you plan to do in the pool, you could benefit from tweaking the temperature for a better experience and even financial savings. Some like […]

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5 simple benefits of a swimming pool cover

A swimming pool cover is one of those items that you may try to resist buying for your pool, but which you are almost certainly going to need eventually. So what are just five of the reasons to purchase one, whether or not you do so from Pool Warehouse? Reduced evaporation The process in which […]

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