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Solar Cover Standard Stock Sizes

  • We have a wide range of Standard sized Swimming Pool Solar Covers.
  • Covers are listed in order of size, please scroll down to see the whole range.
  • Add any accessories required to complete your order.

NameRRPOur PriceBuy
8ft round Platinum+ GeoBubble™£88.32£39.74
8ft round SolGuard GeoBubble™£97.89£39.01
8ft round EnergyGuard GeoBubble™97.8939.01
8ft round Platinum+£82.43£36.80
8ft round SilverBlue£65.50£22.82
8ft round Blue£54.46£21.34
10ft round Platinum+ GeoBubble™£138£62
10ft round SolGuard GeoBubble™£152.95£60.95
10ft round EnergyGuard GeoBubble™152.9560.95
10ft round Platinum+£128.80£57.50
10ft round SilverBlue£102.35£35.65
10ft round Blue£85.10£33.35
12ft round Platinum+ GeoBubble™£198.72£89.42
12ft round SolGuard GeoBubble™£220.25£87.77
12ft round EnergyGuard GeoBubble™220.2587.77
12ft round Platinum+£185.47£82.80
12ft round SilverBlue£147.38£51.34
12ft round Blue£122.54£48.02
14ft round Platinum+ GeoBubble™£270.48£121.72
14ft round SolGuard GeoBubble™£299.78£119.46
14ft round EnergyGuard GeoBubble™299.78119.46
14ft round Platinum+£252.45£112.70
14ft round SilverBlue£200.61£69.87
14ft round Blue£166.80£65.37
15ft round Platinum+ GeoBubble™£310.50£139.73
15ft round SolGuard GeoBubble™£344.14£137.14
15ft round EnergyGuard GeoBubble™344.14137.14
15ft round Platinum+£289.80£129.38
15ft round SilverBlue£230.29£80.21
15ft round Blue£191.48£75.04
16ft round Platinum+ GeoBubble™£353.28£158.98
16ft round SolGuard GeoBubble™£391.55£156.03
16ft round EnergyGuard GeoBubble™391.55156.03
16ft round Platinum+£329.73£147.20
16ft round SilverBlue£262.02£91.26
16ft round Blue£217.86£85.38
18ft round Platinum+ GeoBubble™£447.12£201.20
18ft round SolGuard GeoBubble™£495.06£197.48
18ft round EnergyGuard GeoBubble™495.56197.48
18ft round Platinum+£417.31£186.30
18ft round SilverBlue£331.61£115.50
18ft round Blue£275.72£108.05
10ft x 20ft Platinum+ GeoBubble™£240£108
10ft x 20ft SolGuard GeoBubble™£266.00£106.00
10ft x 20ft EnergyGuard GeoBubble™266.00106.00
10ft x 20ft Platinum+£257.60£100.00
10ft x 20ft SilverBlue£178.00£62.00
10ft X 20ft Blue£148.00£58.00
12ft x 24ft Platinum+ GeoBubble™£345.60£155.52
12ft x 24ft SolGuard GeoBubble™£383.04£152.64
12ft x 24ft EnergyGuard GeoBubble™383.04152.64
12ft x 24ft Platinum+£322.56£144.00
12ft x 24ft SilverBlue£256.32£89.28
12ft X 24ft Blue£213.12£83.52
14ft x 28ft Platinum+ GeoBubble™£470.40£211.68
14ft x 28ft SolGuard GeoBubble™£521.36£207.76
14ft x 28ft EnergyGuard GeoBubble™521.36207.76
14ft x 28ft Platinum+£439.04£196.00
14ft x 28ft SilverBlue£348.88£121.52
14ft X 28ft Blue£290.08£113.68
15ft x 30ft Platinum+ GeoBubble™£540.00£243.00
15ft x 30ft SolGuard GeoBubble™£598.50£238.50
15ft x 30ft EnergyGuard GeoBubble™598.50238.50
15ft x 30ft Platinum+£504.00£225.00
15ft x 30ft SilverBlue£400.50£139.50
15ft X 30ft Blue£333.00£130.50
16ft x 32ft Platinum+ GeoBubble™£614.40£276.48
16ft x 32ft SolGuard GeoBubble™£680.96£271.36
16ft x 32ft EnergyGuard GeoBubble™680.96271.36
16ft x 32ft Platinum+573.44256.00
16ft x 32ft SilverBlue£455.68£158.72
16ft X 32ft Blue£378.88£148.48
18ft x 36ft Platinum+ GeoBubble™£777.60£349.92
18ft x 36ft SolGuard GeoBubble™£861.84£343.44
18ft x 36ft EnergyGuard GeoBubble™861.84343.44
18ft x 36ft Platinum+725.76324.00
18ft x 36ft SilverBlue£576.72£200.88
18ft X 36ft Blue£479.52£187.92
20ft x 40ft Platinum+ GeoBubble™£960.00£432.00
20ft x 40ft SolGuard GeoBubble™£1064.00£424.00
20ft x 40ft EnergyGuard GeoBubble™1064.00424.00
20ft x 40ft Platinum+896.00400.00
20ft x 40ft SilverBlue£712.00£248.00
20ft X 40ft Blue£592.00£232.00
8ft x 4ft Roman End Platinum+ GeoBubble™£71.73£32.28
8ft x 4ft Roman End SolGuard GeoBubble™£71.02£31.96
8ft x 4ft Roman End EnergyGuard GeoBubble™71.0231.96
8ft x 4ft Roman End Platinum+68.8931.00
8ft x 4ft Roman End SilverBlue£55.38£24.92
8ft x 4ft Roman End Blue£53.96£24.28
10ft x 5ft Roman End Platinum+ GeoBubble™£93.33£42.00
10ft x 5ft Roman End SolGuard GeoBubble™£92.22£41.50
10ft x 5ft Roman End EnergyGuard GeoBubble™92.2241.50
10ft x 5ft Roman End Platinum+88.8940.00
10ft x 5ft Roman End SilverBlue£67.78£30.50
10ft x 5ft Roman End Blue£65.56£29.50
3.0m x 1.5m Roman End SolGuard GeoBubble™£90.33£40.65
3.0m x 1.5m Roman End Platinum+ GeoBubble™£91.33£41.10
3m x 1.5m Roman End EnergyGuard GeoBubble™90.3340.65
3m x 1.5m Roman End Platinum+87.1339.21
3.0m x 1.5m Roman End SilverBlue£66.64£29.99
3.0m x 1.5m Roman End Blue£64.53£29.04
3m x 6m Platinum+ GeoBubble™£232.20£104.40
3m x 6m SolGuard GeoBubble™£257.40£102.60
3m x 6m EnergyGuard GeoBubble™257.4102.6
3m x 6m Platinum+216.7296.84
3m x 6m SilverBlue£172.26£59.94
3m x 6m Blue£143.28£56.16
4m x 8m Platinum+ GeoBubble™£412.80£185.60
4m x 8m SolGuard GeoBubble™£457.60£182.40
4m x 8m EnergyGuard GeoBubble™457.60182.40
4m x 8m Platinum+385.28172.16
4m x 8m SilverBlue£306.24£106.56
4m x 8m Blue£254.72£99.84
5m x 10m Platinum+ GeoBubble™£645.00£290.00
5m x 10m SolGuard GeoBubble™£715.00£285.00
5m x 10m EnergyGuard GeoBubble™715.00285.00
5m x 10m Platinum+602.00269.00
5m x 10m SilverBlue£478.50£166.50
5m x 10m Blue£398.00£156.00