Swimming Pool Pumps and Filters

At  poolwarehouse.uk.com we offer a wide range of swimming pool pumps and filters to suit all budgets.
We only supply high quality, well tested products, ranging from the budget Iflo pumps, to Espa pumps and the top of the range Sta-rite pool pump.

The most important part of running a swimming pool is to ensure that the water treatment process is efficient and effective.

Good circulation and filtration are key to this process. A good pump and filter should work together to produce clean healthy water. Good circulation of water also ensures pool chemicals are distributed evenly across the pool.

The filter is key to keeping the water fresh and clean, they help to remove impurities by filtering the water through a reliable filter material. Again all our filters are tested before becoming a part of our range and we endeavour to keep a full selection of both top mount and side mount filters in stock. We also sell the best glass filter material currently on the market. This glass media is far superior to sand and once installed should not need to be replaced for many years.