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Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Solar Covers and Winter Debris Covers

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At poolwarehouse.uk.com we pride ourselves on being  the only swimming pool solar cover manufacturer that sells direct to the public.
We supply two main types of swimming pool cover:

  • SOLAR COVERS, (including GeoBubble Solar Covers) which help to heat the pool water
  • WINTER DEBRIS COVERS, which help to keep the pool clean over the winter

Swimming Pool Solar Covers are used mainly to add heat to the water by transferring solar heat. They also keep out debris and reduce the evaporation of water from the pool itself. These properties help to reduce costs, saving water and decreasing the use of chemicals.

Solar covers are made from a high quality fabric with added UV protection and chemical resistance, they have a smooth top layer and air bubbles on the underside. Top of the range GeoBubble Solar Covers are the most modern and effective available.

We also stock a range of REEL SYSTEMS to store the cover when it is not on the pool. Handling a Swimming Pool Solar Cover on and off the pool is very easy when using the correct equipment.


Most of our WINTER COVERS are made of a fine mesh material which lets rain fall through so it does not accumulate on the top of the cover. The mesh has robust straps criss-crossed on the cover and attached to strong tension springs and pins to secure the cover to the pool surround.

We can also supply a solid opaque cover- still with drainage holes, for pools which are at high risk to Algae growth as these covers do not let light through at all. Winter covers help prevent pools from becoming green and dirty (combined with good winterising chemicals) thus making it easier and cheaper to re-open the pool in the spring.