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Algicide & Clarifiers

Swimming pool Algaecide helps prevent algae growth, they are not, as is often assumed, a treatment for killing algae.
If Algae is already present in the pool water it needs to be cleared using a shock chlorine. Once cleared an algicide should then be added to inhibit its return. Either a long life (6 month) algicide or a more frequently dosed one are available.

A Clarifier is used as part of the treatment for clearing a cloudy pool. Once the balance has been achieved a clarifier (flocculant) is added to clear the pool. This works by collecting all the small particles that the filter cannot catch and making a bigger particle that can be trapped by the filter.
As an ongoing treatment small flocculant tablets or a gel can be used in the pump basket or skimmer basket to help keep the pool water sparkling on an ongoing basis.